We Sumit Enterprise has been duly affianced in the manufacturer and supplier of an extensive array of industrial chemical storage tanks and equipments in Ahmedabad, India. Basic material utilized in the production of these industrial chemical storage tanks and equipments are sourced from reliable vendors in the market and tested on various parameters by our quality analysts assuring their quality and durability. We offer these products at affordable prices and deliver these within the stipulated time periods. This product range is highly recommended for their features like simple to use, leak and crack proof and excellent quality. Also our customers can avail these tanks in various sizes as per the requirements. We are one of the leading suppliers to major chemical plants, power plants, refineries, fertilizer units, nuclear power plants, pharmaceuticals, and heavy water plants, steel plants in Ahmedabad.


The FRP tanks have few remarkable features, for which they are extensively used in industrial sectors. Let’s list down the top 10 features:-

  1. They are resistant to corrosion and climate condition. The substance and the chemicals inside it won’t be affected by any such conditions.
  2. They are extremely durable and reliable. As the material is fortified by fiber , so the strength of the components multiplied by great extent.
  3. These tanks have a decent passing on capacity on account of its polished inward completion and because of which it brings down the pump’s load.
  4. They have low thermal conductivity and good abrasive resistivity.
  5. They have good galvanic resistant and stray currents and have fine thermal insulation.
  6. They are normally UV resistant, alluring and are light as well as flexible in design.
  7. They are adapted and have good dimentional stability.
  8. They have high strength to weight ratio as a result of which they are light in weight but quite strong.
  9. They have good insulating property.
  10. They are very much economical and are quite cost effective.

They are mostly used in chemical industries, usually for filteration purpose. For example:- Fluroid removal plant they all use units of FRP tanks in their modules. Rather than that they are also used in industries like- fertilizer, wood pulp, sewage treatment plant, etc.

All industrial equipment comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to us how we handle them and maintain them after use. There are a lot of common mistakes that users make that can lead to premature failure of the equipment. However, if you follow the practices mentioned above, you can ensure that your equipment will remain in a good state and last longer.

Advantages:-  FRP tanks have significant advantages over other commercial materials. Over the years of development, various material have been used in the construction of water tanks for industrial purposes. Many integrated system are constructed of non-reinforced concrete or poluthylene and steel but they don’t necessarily provide the same benefits of fiberglass.

  1. Corrosion resistance- The prime reason to using FRP tank is because of their inherent corrosion resistance. Suppose you need a product that will be exposed to freshwater, sanitary water,or even the high salt content in the air need the ocean. In that case, corrosive resistance FRP is your material. Paired with the right resin, FRP tank can hold up in the most corrosive environment.
  2. Heigh strength to weight ratio- FRP tank is not only durable but lightweight as well. On average, FRP tank weight around 5.5 times less than a comparable aluminium piece and is 75% lighter than a comparable aluminium piece. This lightweight attribute of FRP tank products can allow for a much easier installation.
  3. Non conductive \EMI and RFI transparency- Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) is crucial to take into consideration when you have equipment or instrumentation that depends on accurate readings. FRP tank material is transparent to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Additionally ,FRP tank is non-conductive, so it works as well as an electrical insulator.
  4. Economy- A considerable advantage of FRP tank is its lower cost. FRP tank  is almost one-sixth of the price of stainless or carbon steel. In many cases, FRP tank may offer both a satisfactory solution to corrosion problems and the lowest cost among material options. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance , FRP  tank can save more than 70% on maintenance costs.
  5. Flexibility- fiberglass can be made into many different shapes and sizes relatively easily as compared to metal. It is best for many applications because you can do things with it that cannot be done economically with other materials. You can mold almost any configuration or piece of equipment. It is even possible to use FRP tank to line exixting structures.

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