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Acid proof lining offered comprise processed material that is made available in quality constitution form and comes developed using latest technology support so as to provide in them superior finish as well as lasting working performance values. Further, these lining materials constitute inputs like cement, concrete and others that offer high suitability for meeting the bonding requirements of acid resistant bricks, Mastic & tiles, Acid Proof Lining Service, Acid Proof, Alkali Resistant. Some of its features include offering superior chemical resistance, offering superior resistance of oils, solvents; capability to handle temperatures up to 1700C; suitability for use in areas like steel, thermal power stations, fertilizers and others on locations like floors, tanks, drains, reaction & storage vessels among others.

Acid resistant bricks are a specially made form of masonry brick that is chemically stable and thermally durable. the common application of Acid resistant bricks includes power stations, storage vessels, and similar places, where high chemical resistance is required.

we are well-known in the industry for manufacturing customized shapes and sizes.

Size I 230 mm 114 mm 75 mm
Size II 230 mm 114 mm 38 mm
Tolerance 3.5 mm 2 mm 1 mm

Acid-resistant bricks as Per IS 4860: 1968

Acid Resistant Tiles

Ceramic unglazed acid resistant vitreous acid resisting tiles are suitable for protecting the surface against corrosive action of acids and chemicals as well as to resist abrasion. These tiles are intensively used as a floor covering for chemical and allied industries, the lining of tanks etc, where the necessity of resistance to acid and resistance to wear becomes essential.

Our acid proof tiles provide excellent abrasion resistance, anti-skid properties for worker safety and high aesthetic appeal. We also provide specialized corner tiles for reducing chances for acid attack through construction joints. Our standard sizes are 200×100, 200×200 & 300×300, 230×114 millimeters.

We are well known in the industry for manufacturing customize shapes and sizes.

As Per IS 4457: 1982

Acid Resistance Mortar

Acid resistant castable as a kind of hot sales refractory castable for furnace application in rongsheng factory manufacturing with widely used anti-corrosion flue and chimney lining, acid storage tank, pickling tank lining, acid recovery furnace lining and other container linings corroded by acidic high temperature gas. Acid resistance refractory castable have good properties of energy saving, high construction efficiency, arbitrarily shaped, and suitable for all kinds of furnace engineering. there are for sale cheap Castable acid resistant in RS fire bricks company can provide castable acid resistant specification and Categories as well as competitive price & high-grade quality refractory castable acid-resistant products, and other specification according to customer requirements, welcomes to contact us or email us for free quotes or price list.

Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Storage Tank in Ahmedabad

SUMIT is a recognized leading company, engaged with manufacturing of complete range of chemical storage solution and equipments. The team of experienced engineer’s promoter directors started company in 2015. The promoters have wide experience of more than four decades in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial chemical storage tanks and equipments. Over a period, the company has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of quality products.

The company was started in vatva, Ahmedabad, India in the year 2015 and has attained the position of one of the leading suppliers to major chemical plants, power plants, refineries, fertilizer units, nuclear power plants, pharmaceuticals, steel plants, textiles, atomic energy and heavy water plants, mega malls, consulting firms in India and abroad.

A wide range of spiral chemical storage tanks, spiral reaction vessels, square tank, nutsche filter, pickling tanks, agitators, spiral scrubbers, FRP lining, rubber lining, acid resistance lining & materials, customize plastic fabrication, pollution control equipments and allied turnkey projects. HDPE & PP pipes & fittings, HDPE & PPFRP blowers, level indicator, anti-vibration mountings pad & allied rubber products, valves, and other fittings are our standard products. Sumit has the capability and reach to provide complete chemical plastics processing equipment. We have a presence all over India & served globally also.

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