Pollution Control Equipments

Manufacturer of Pollution Control Equipments, Polypropylene Scrubber System

We design and manufacture high efficiency pollution control equipments for a wide range of Gases-Fumes-Dusts as well as recovery of these, such as Acid Fumes (HCL, H2SO4, HNO3 etc.), HCL gas-CL2-SO2-NOX-NH3-H2S-Flue gases-Furnace gases and other gaseous effluent. Based on your process and end product disposal requirements, We supply entire scrubbing system, which could be made of FRP, PP/FRP, FRV, PVC/FRP etc depending upon the clients requirement & type of fumes eliminated during the process.

For designing of efficient scrubbing system following data is required from the client depending on which the type of scrubber is decided.

  • Quantity of gas
  • Area
  • Type of gas
  • Flowofgas

Pollution Control Equipment Exporters

Sumit Enterprise is one of India’s largest Pollution Control Equipment Exporters in Ahmedabad. Modern industrial landscapes require a lot of pollution control equipment. The Pollution Control Equipment process will be completed by galvanizing a completely sustainable solution. All industrial applications require pollution control equipment, including power, steel, paper, sponge iron, coal, oil, gas, cement, biomass, etc.

We supply entire pollution control system on turnkey basis which could be made of PP-FRP, HDPE, FRP, Acid Resistance tiles/brick etc depending upon the clients requirement & type of fumes eliminated during the process.

Now a day’s pollution control norms have changed hence, air pollution control systems has become one of the prime necessity for many industries where emission of various hazardous gases takes place.

An entire scrubbing system consists of a Scrubber, Blower, Piping & ducting, dampers, Hood, Fume extraction system, and Polypropylene Scrubber System Manufacturers.

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