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FRP Lining services are meant for protecting industrial equipments against corrosion. Rendered services involve utilization of hand lapping technology that uses fiberglass reinforced plastic along with various types of resins. Selection of raw materials depends on the type of chemical exposure or working environment. Surface preparation is needed to apply this lining material. Low installation charge, light weight, long lasting quality and excellent dielectric strength are some of the key benefits of this type of lining material. Based on chemical exposure type, we suggest resin rich, UV stabilized or C layer based lining. FRP Lining services are especially useful for environment where generation of acidic fume is common. We use best grade raw materials and latest technology for successful execution of these services.


  • Provided services are beneficial for protecting equipments against rust and erosion.
  • Rendered services promote the concept of hand lapping process that involves application of FRP layer on a specific surface based on its chemical exposure type.
  • No need of time consuming sand blasting process
  • Affordable service charge
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