An independent, privately owned business.

SUMIT is soundly managed by a quality team with strong technical and financial bases.

We are dedicated to supplying our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices without jeopardizing the well-being of our staff, the public at large, or the environment.

From our earliest days we have been involved in the chemical, water, oil and gas industries and have operated extensive quality control procedures. For many years every Forbes product has had an individual, fully traceable QC record.

We always place a strong emphasis on customer care, and SUMIT after-sales service is second to none.

SUMIT was the first major manufacturer in their field to achieve registration of their Quality Management System  (certificate number QMS-SE-2021-0239) followed by ISO 9001:2015 & (certificate number CE-SE-2021-0241) CE.

This standard covers both design and manufacture of products, which is particularly appropriate to our business where all products are custom built to customer’s specific applications.

We all strive towards continual company improvement and aspire to provide standards of excellence, efficiency and service that make SUMIT a comfortable organisation to deal with.


SUMIT Enterprise is proud to have gained the following certifications


SUMIT manufactures Storage and environmental Pollution Control systems in a wide range of materials in order to suit a full spectrum of contents and applications. Our experienced team can select suitable materials of construction to suit each individual application.

PP - Polypropylene

The most versatile tank and pollution control system construction material is polypropylene (PP). This material is widely acceptable within the chemical, water treatment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and energy industries. Copolymer polypropylene is the most versatile, giving good impact resistance even at low temperature. Polypropylene offers:

The PP materials used by sumit 100% pure virgin imported UV – stabilised 

HDPE – PE 100 is pigmented by Simona to give full UV-stabilisation for long-term outdoor installations with a design life of 25+ years.

Key Points

HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

Construction material high density polyethylene (HDPE) comes in various grades.

For chemical tanks & other chemical applications equipment SUMIT uses PE 100 as the preferred material.

There are lower grades of HDPE which offer less chemical resistance & in particular are susceptible to environmental stress cracking. HDPE is not so heat-resistant to high temperature when compared to polypropylene. PE 100 material is widely acceptable within the chemical, water treatment, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and electronic industries.

The HDPE materials used by sumit 100% pure virgin imported UV – stabilised 

HDPE – PE 100 is pigmented black to give full UV-stabilisation for long-term outdoor installations with a design life of 25 + years.

Key Points

GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

GRP tank technology is now accepted as standard in virtually every industry from chemicals to food and water, microelectronics, and offshore oil and gas.

SUMIT manufactures GRP tanks using both hand lay-up and Hand Laying based techniques.

Resin and provide Materials detailed quality records. The laminate is particularly strong and economical and combines all the advantages of spraying techniques.

Resin Selection

The choice of resin is important as there is a vast range of resin types. SUMIT specifies the correct resin for the application giving long-term resistance to the contents.

The external weather-resistant resin-rich surface can be pigmented to any colour required. Design life of 20 years is standard however life expectancy, proven by existing tanks in service, can exceed 40 + years.

The range of resins specified by Sumit includes:


Manual & Extrusion Welding - Thermoplastic

Manual welding is the long established method of welding using a hand held hot gas welding gun where a 3 or 4mm diameter welding rod is fed into the joint.

This method requires much training and is only carried out by skilled personnel. Welders are fully trained, tested and certified to ensure high quality welds are applied at all times.

Regular testing takes place for all material handled.

Automated and hand weld extrusion welding processes produce a strong fillet weld in Polypropylene, HDPE and PVDF.

Helically Spiral Winding - Thermoplastic

Tanks in excess of Up to 100m3 capacity are designed & manufactured to very demanding German code DVS 2205.

The process involves two extruders which produce a continuous molten section of PE100 polyethylene or copolypropylene, which is helically wound onto a pre-heated steel mandrel, producing a seamless one piece shell. The mandrels vary in diameter up to 4.5 mtr. 

The process can produce tank shells up to 110mm thick and double wall tank shells.The machine can also produce tank shells with integral insulation.

 SUMIT operates a CNC extrusion welding system to ensure the welds on the base (Bottom)  and roof (Top) are of the highest possible quality and accuracy.

Hand Lamination – GRP

Hand laminated glass fibre laminates consist mainly of chopped strand mat glass fibre applied in sheets with resin onto a mould or the external surface of an inner thermoplastic corrosion barrier.

The resin is rolled into the glass fibre which is made up of chopped strands which are bonded together to form the sheet. The binder on the glass fibre is dissolved by the resin which then forms a very strong homogenous composite layer.

Continuous layers are applied until the required amount of glass fibre reinforcement is achieved.

Occasionally glass fibre woven rovings are applied in place of chopped strand mat which reduces the overall thickness.


Full range of on-site services to suit as per your all budgets

Our fully trained and widely experienced site work engineers are supported by dedicated managers who automatically produce risk assessments and method statements as an integral part of our services.

On-site services range from the simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment to a full project managed turnkey service. 

Our ‘in house’ chemical engineering and project management capabilities can design and manage small to medium sized projects from concept to commissioning.

In addition we also offer ongoing inspection and maintenance services as required.

Please talk to SUMIT for expert advice and assistance with any aspect of your installation or to arrange a free no obligation consultation at your site.


With some tanks having design lives of 25+ years there may be an understandable tendency to ‘fit and forget’.

Better tank management, from the outset, should lead to an even longer tank life, increased site safety, reduced downtime and ultimately will save money.

3 Steps To Protect Your Tank

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